Single sign-on between all integrated apps of Presearch ecosystem

Enablement of signle sign-on between all the portals/apps of Presearch ecosystem which allows a logged on user from site direct access into or other parts of the Presearch ecosystem without any additional need for secondary account or repetitive sign-up process.

Main goals:

  • seamless integration and user experience from login/logout and account creation perspective
  • increased security and autenticity of users using

Additional usability which could be added later on top of this:

  • allow platform to offer Identity-Management-as-a-Service for other apps or sites which could be part of the Presearch community space
  • web3 logon, signing logon request instead of using email & passwords (2fa should be still in)

I like the linkage to the main presearch account because I assume in the future there will be voting. Votes by PRE held or NFTs could be representative of early adopters and skin in the game.

I also think as the community grows it might require a certain amount of PRE staked or consumptive PRE to make a proposal to prevent spamming and limit the proposals to be reviewed and voted on by the community.

On voting I prefer 2x tier or 2x chamber voting to put some checks and balances on groups very large holders from joining forces and voting benefits for themselves. The second chamber would be comprised of a mix of team, early adopters, and participating community members which can expand with time as the community grows.

Proposals should be trimmed down to the bare essentials before a vote. Also before voting on a proposal there should be a discussion/deliberation period to allow both chambers to make public points for all consideration.


100% on seamless integration. I was disappointed somewhat by having to “create an account” on Very odd when on several other tabs i’m “logged in” to my Presearch account.

The other two … Indexing should be a “code red” priority above virtually anything else including this community imo. I am reading these proposals but we don’t even have the beginnings our own index…


The creation of an account is necessary in the forum to be able to participate, in the same way the privacy of the users is protected, Indexing as we mentioned in the Telegram Channel will come with time, surely at the end of the year we will have much more information But indeed it is something totally necessary in order not to depend on others and to be more transparent in that sense.

I was simply supporting Vlad and X with seamless integration with main PRE account as this is a proposal posted. I too feel this is important and agree.

Are you in support of the proposals from Vlad or no? As that is the point of this forum, his post, and this thread.

I mention indexing because I feel its crucial to Presearch success, more so than his two other included proposals and XPRE mention of NFTs. Are we not allowed to mention anything discussed elsewhere (TG, Discord)? I’m confused.

So that there are no misinterpretations, you can post and discuss anything that has to do with Presearch you can do it in Telegram, discord and here, precisely the forum is to discuss ideas so that the community has more participation and thus decisions can be made in the future regarding the direction of Presearch, this forum is very new and currently to participate the user must register the same as having a presearch account, maybe that can change or not with respect to registration, and with respect to the indexing of nodes is an answer to your question and as indicated in Telegram still missing a few months to have information about it, of course you can make suggestions and proposals that you think appropriate from the point of view of indexed nodes, tracking, etc…, indeed it is a fundamental aspect for the independence of the centralization of the search engine.


Hey Moises,

actually SSO mentioned in proposal is automation for user sign-up/log-on based on account. So any user who is already registered does not have to drill trough the “necessary” signup steps for with all the respect to user privacy and protection.

SSO is always secure due to the nature of passing minimal user info for account to be created on app side ( So this could be much safer option from login/password perspective as underlyning database storage used for do not store any additional password, just minimal necesary user account information passed over trusted IdP as portal could be and thus never allow individual (external) accounts not associated with portal to join in and act as someone else.


I think we should try to do one proposal at a time. If you have a new proposal… start a new one.

For me, it doesn’t make sense to reply to a proposal by stating that “other proposals are more important”.

This way you kill the conversation and it will be a complete mess and chaos with all kinds of proposals fighting to get interested in a single “proposal” chat.

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As long as I still have my PRE staked “off-chain” (and non-custodial), i.e. inside my Presearch account, I rather prefer to not being logged in to my Presearch account all the time.

I prefer to log in only when needed.

I also prefer to use different nicknames and email addresses for different purposes. So, I have no problem with “signing in” with a different username and password.

On the contrary, I like it this way. Maybe, you can introduce your proposal but don’t make it a requirement (just as I don’t want to sign in “everywhere” with my Google/Microsoft/Facebook etc. accounts).


Hi Vlad, Thanks for clarifying it of course it is a good proposal to not have to create an account on the forum, I had only mentioned in the other post that currently had to make a registration, it would be much better as you are mentioning.

I had not focused on your previous post :eyes::+1:


Since your reply was to me and not Vladimir…I never offered a “new proposal”, so we are clear. I also never stated that “other proposals are more important” as you suggest. There are only 4-5 currently posted and I was only responding to what Vladimir offered…

Vladimir offered a proposal and 2 included “down the road” related ideas. I was simply suggesting that I feel his main proposal was much more important currently than HIS other 2 potential related future proposal tie-ins (ie. Identity-Management-as-a-Service) I also understand the point he was making by adding them. Nothing more.

I do however, also expect at some point we would also vote on “approved” or agreed upon proposals and importantly, which ones should take priority over others. This would clearly make sense. :v:

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