Important announcement 🚨

We have recently become aware that unauthorized persons or parties are creating fake profiles on various social media platforms, emails, airdrops, etc in order to get funds from new and current members of

Presearch is a free to use search service.

Please share this message with your friends and networks.

Presearch does not charge any fees for “unlocking” your tokens.

Presearch does not charge any fees for packages of any kind.

Presearch never ask you to click on a link nor ask for any of your personal information.

Please stay safe and always verify the source of the email or any target URL link which contains various attempts to mask attacker’s link as Presearch.

Ongoing airdrop campaing does not require any user confirmation over email or any social media activity.

Official communications from Presearch can be found on the following social media channels:
X: @PresearchNews
Telegram: @PresearchNews

Authorized Presearch Community accounts that you may find useful:
X: @TeamPresearch
Telegram: @presearch

Presearch does not operate any WhatsApp groups and if you are invited to one or are already in one, please notify the Presearch team by email

If you have questions, please send an email to . This is our only authorized support email address.

Please note that we are working to shut down these unauthorized parties, but in the meantime, please be aware of these situations. Presearch will never contact its members to request payments.